Grand Mercure Hobart

Grand Mercure Hobart Central Apartments is located in the heart of Hobart’s cultural city centre.

Hobart’s newest hotel which opened its doors in May 2012, was built neighboring the historic National Trust Listed Mercure Hadleys Hobart Hotel.

The Grand Mercure provides the ideal base for business or leisure, located within an easy walking distance of Constitution Dock, shopping centres and Hobart’s iconic Salamanca Markets. Our accommodation offers a number of conference and wedding options to suit every taste, 2 Restaurants and undercover parking (spaces limited) to meet the every need of the leisure or business traveller.

Standard Hotel Room King Size Bed

Ways to Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

Ways to Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

Within the last few years, ankle boots and women’s knee high boots have become a classically stylish look that is not only stylish, but it also fully functional and versatile for a day at work or even a night out. The benefit of purchasing any women’s knee high boot is the fact that it can be worn with pants, dresses, and even skirts. The options are endless and even can vary in each of the seasons.

Below is a list of some of the most stylish ways to wear women’s knee high boots

1.) Paired with jeans

Women’s knee high boots that are tucked over a pair of skinny jeans can never go wrong. On a chilly fall morning, combine brights and neutrals by wearing white jeans and brown women’s knee high boots. Complete this look with an over-size sweater.

2.) High waist skirt

For a look that enhances the leg length, the high waist skirt with a belt is a look that not only accentuates the legs, but also enhances the slender look. As for the women’s knee high boots from, opt for the suede high heel boots. This completed look is best used for business attire.

3.) Pencil skirt

Much like the high waist skirt, a pencil skirt is a great option to wear around the office. A black women’s knee high boot that is paired with a black pencil skirt and a printed top creates a sleek look. When choosing a knee high boot, a boot with a heel is the most preferable.

4.) Mid-length dress and boots

This look is best worn in winter. For a comfortable look, go for the women’s knee high boot instead of the pump when planning to dress for work. A black or brown boot will pair nicely with a mid-length dress and a sleek winter coat.

5.) A-line midi skirt

For the Fall season, an A-line midi skirt that is paired with a form fitting blouse will not only be comfortable, but also stylish. When wearing this look, no tights are needed in order to pull the look off. In between the skirt and blouse, a wide belt is recommended.

Blood Donations for Cord Blood Banking

Blood Donations for Cord Blood Banking
Blood banks are available for people who wish to donate blood or plasma. Blood and plasma can be used to help people in emergency medical situations. A new bank available for blood donation is the cord blood bank. This is set up for a specific type of blood, which is drawn from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby. This blood is rich with stem cells, making it ideal for use in treatments for certain medical conditions, such as leukemia.

Cord Blood Banks for Families

Expectant parents can choose to set up a cord blood bank specifically for their own family’s use. Stem cells are the building blocks for new cell generation, which makes them able to replicate any cell in the body to grow new tissue. Parents often choose to bank the cord blood as a protective measure for their child’s future. If the child should ever have a medical condition affecting their internal organs, tissues or even bones, the stem cells could be used to generate new cells, eliminating the life altering condition.

Banking the Cord Blood

The process of gathering the blood from the cord and getting it to a blood bank is relatively simple. The procedure is done before the umbilical cord is cut from the placenta. It is then sent to either a private family blood bank like or a public blood bank. Stem cells can keep for as long as 10 years with proper storage.